Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project 366- July 13, 2008

Oh boogidy, I did NOT want to get up this morning. I must not be getting enough sleep, because I've had a terrible time with drowsiness the last few weeks. We were up early for yesterday, but I still shouldn't be this tired.

Church was at the Prairie Pioneer Center today. We were late, everything seems to just fall apart on Sunday mornings. We at least brought food for potluck this week. Mom tried out a new enchilada recipe and I made the normal of devilled eggs.

Amelia, Clara and I are doing 5-Day clubs next week. I'm so glad that Amelia is a person who plans and forges ahead. I tend to space off or procrastinate and then panic. She rocks my socks off. I am still working on the plans for this weekend. I'm doing the children's activities at Merritt Youth Retreat on my own this year. Your prayers would be appreciated:)

I slept for over an hour this afternoon. I kept thinking I was awake, but I wasn't. After weeding a bit in the garden we went over to see the mares and the colts. I love those drives and we even took the back roads!! Beautiful Nebraska, peaceful prairie land. This mare is a sister to our Taffy, one of Riddle's babies.


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