Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project 366- July 16, 2008

I'm so out of it sometimes. Last night I set my alarm for 8:15am, and yet we had to leave for Bible study by 8:40am. Not sure where I got that, but I'm glad I woke up earlier. We had Bible study at the Sonlife Center this week and decided to opt for one of the little classrooms so that child interference would be minimal. Like Patty said, you sit in a small room and everyone comes. It got a bit crowded in there, hurray! I love that group!!

I over guessed time this afternoon. We were out of Bible study by 11:15am which doesn't generally happen. I had planned to stay in town until my dentist appointment at 2:30pm in Merna. Mom, the kids and I ate a picnic lunch at the square. Mom and dad had to meet at the courthouse to get papers signed for this year of homeschooling. We chilled out until Quinn needed a bathroom break. It was off to Emily's.

We walked into Emily's and no one was in line, the kids at the counter smiled and prepared for a sale. I was sorry to tell them we only needed the restroom. Fortunately for them I bought kiddie cones in about 20 minutes. My guilt-stricken conscience was relieved. I spent the rest of my time buying supplies for this weekend and reading at the park. I'll admit I fell asleep while reading and woke up with my mouth wide open. I hope no one walked by my car;)

I have been saving for a trip to the dentist for several months. I was feeling a bit of pain when I ate sweet or sticky things. I took the plunge and made an appointment with a new dentist, my very own. Haha, I wonder how Stacy would feel about being my very own? She plays in my Bunco group so I wasn't scared about seeing her. She did great cleaning my chompers...don't you think? I do have two cavities, so I'll see her again soon. I also discovered that I have 6 wisdom teeth! Wow, I'm so wise...haha!


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