Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Project 366- July 18, 2008

I'm doing the kids activities at Merritt Youth Retreat. I'm doing said activities alone. Alissa, I tell myself, it will go just fine and you are so prepared! I repeated these things to myself all the way up to Merritt Reservoir...nearly all of the 2.5 hour drive.

And a beautiful drive it was! I went all the way to Mullen and then up on 97. It was so much what I needed. Just me, the van and the wide open sandhills. The sandhills always relieve me and make me feel peaceful. I don't mind being the only one for miles and the vast expanse around me. I even drove the last 30 min without any music, just me with the windows down drinking in God's creation.

Like I said before, I had pretty much been psyching myself up for this weekend instead of letting myself worry. Grrr. I was getting my stuff out of the van for the evening activity when I heard someone yell my name. This conversation took place:

"Hi Alissa? My name is Misty and I hear you're helping me with the kid's activities?"


"I need to get my stuff unloaded, do you know where we want to meet the kids?"

"Um...yeah...whatever you need me to do."

Soooo, there was some miscommunication and it did finally come out that we were both asked to do the activities and we were both prepared. Grrr. It totally blew me for a loop and I couldn't even focus. I wanted to scream, cry and go home. None of which could I do, I was stuck. We did her Bible lesson and one of her games with the 8 kids we had, including her son and her friend's son. I then took them over and let them play another game. It was so hard to even remember what I had planned. Satan was attacking:S

Dreading tomorrow I prepared for bed. I am sleeping in the van. Call me lazy, but I didn't want to get here and have to set a tent up by myself and then have to worry about it raining. I'm glad I chose this route...it poured!


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  1. I'm sorry your stuff didn't work out the way you had planned. Furstrating...When we went to Peru, I spent probably 4 days trying to figure out how I fit into the plans. The activities and devotions we prepared ahead of time pretty much got scrapped. I couldn't communicate with anyone. My husband was essentially separated from me due to the way things were arranged. Most of the activities were things I didn't feel comfortable participating in because I didn't understand the directions because it was all in Spanish. But it taught me a valuable lesson about what "doing" stuff means. When God asks you to do stuff, it doesn't always come down to actually "doing" anything. Sometimes, He wants you to go and once you're where He wanted you, then you end up stopping and instead of getting busy doing stuff for Him, you stop and rest in Him and reevaluate what He wants. I decided to pray as much as a could during that trip and to write encouraging notes to my teammates. It didn't feel like what I thought I was supposed to be doing but I do think it honored God.