Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Project 366- July 19, 2008

I tried to wake up in time for leader devotions, but...we're pretty much on the timezone line. I set my cellphone alarm on one side and it woke me up on the other, making me an hour too late for devotions. I did wake up dry however, unlike those in tents. The rain lowered the temperature considerably and not many hit the water right after breakfast.

None of the kids were up either. Hard to do an activity with no kids:) The ones who just moved up from kids to campers this year came over though. They didn't know what to do with themselves so...I played a game with them. I lost Misty at that point. By then it was lunch time.

Right after lunch was the volleyball tournament. I wish I would have gone ahead and signed up, the kids all did their own water stuff and I ended up being free. I got to sit in the car and read, getting a suntan on my legs at the same time. I also took a few trips down beyond the volleyball courts on the beach. It was really pretty.

Honestly, the whole time I was waging war in my head. I felt so useless and unwanted. I did see Melanie, Tom and Linda and talked with them each some. Jim and Michelle not so much, hmm. Bonnie didn't come:( It was just awkward and frustrating. I tried to find the right people to inform them I was going home, but God didn't allow me to find them:S I had to stick it out, which I realize now was the right thing to do. I was just panicking at one point and thought I couldn't take it.

I let the kids know that after supper we'd do some activities down on the beach. I had a relay obstacle course planned. It went super fast with only 5 kids! We even got in the water for a game of Marco Polo. Misty came down and finished her story from yesterday and then we did her craft with 2 kids. Few kids makes a big difference.

I helped one of the youth teams look for scavenger hunt items and then hit the hay early. I am emotionally drained. Time in the word throughout the day and much prayer is what got me through.


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