Sunday, July 06, 2008

Project 366- July 2, 2008

Quinn built a new fort today. It was a pretty cool one, way out in the corner of the horse pen. Now, most of the horses don't pay any attention to the kids out there, at least not for very long. But, Doc is home and Doc is very personable and curious. He was almost IN the fort with Quinn and Brenna. Needless to say, they moved the fort out of the horse pen:)

Ansel wore his Husker outfit today and so he matched Carrie at Bible study this morning. The babysitting was alittle crazy, but we were down one sitter. I love meeting with those ladies and getting to know them. Beth was there with Natalie and I got to hold her!! Such a precious little thing.

Dan's, Grandma, Derek, Kayla and Jared all came over for supper tonight. We had one of the best family get togethers we've had in a long time! Kayla and Derek shared with us some of their pictures from Haiti. It is so good to see them being with Conleigh and Kenson. I hope and pray that they can bring them some very soon! We played some frisbee and had many laughs over our "new names." Travis was writing names on our cups as we filled them up and handed them about. I was Miss Scarlet, there was also a Tallulah, Colonel Mustard, Paco, Father Abraham and more:)


  1. Awww I remember when I used to make forts.
    I'm jonny by the way.
    I came across your blog while browsing.
    It's really interesting and i'm a fan.
    Well feel free to read/comment my posts.
    I'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. Don't let Mom deceive you about how Tellulah is spelled. She is definetely wrong!

  3. AHHEMMM! It is Tallulah! Not Tellulah!