Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Project 366- July 20, 2008

No rain last night! The kids were late sleepers again this morning. We did tell one mom our plans and she got her two girls up by 10am. We did last night's craft with them and then I let them do one I had planned. Might as well use some of the loads of supplies I brought:) They are really sweet girls. All the kids were good kids, we just didn't get to see them a lot. Gentry and I hung out quite a bit and I chatted with a lot of the 8th grade "campers". Such a strange weekend.

I thought about leaving at 11am, but fried fish is always on the menu for Sunday lunch. I love batter dipped, deep fat fried, fresh fish at Merritt! I'm glad I stayed because I got to sit and hang out with Angie and her boys. I somehow got roped into lizard-sitting for awhile. Justin, Nolan, Gentry and I named it Wizard the Lizard. Good name, huh?

As soon as I had eaten I zipped out. On the road again. I decided to go a different route today and turned off on the Brownlee road. Yikes! It looks like a sidewalk! It was really only a one lane, no lines, and built up. I met a pickup pulling a huge camper once and I thought we were both going to die. We survived though, one side on the road and one side off:) Once again the drive home was therapeutic. I was in a better state of mind upon arriving home, but very tired. Thanks for letting me nap mom:)


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