Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project 366- July 21, 2008

I'm back. Whew, it is so good to be home!!! What did I learn this past weekend? Well, for one thing...FLEXIBILITY! I thought I'd learned enough of that in gymnastics, but apparently God wants me to learn some more of the other kind:)

Satan is so clued in, and he attacks the moment we are down or feel self doubt or doubt in God's ability in us rather. I may have appeared fine at Merritt, but the tornadoes twisting in my head were another thing. I kept trying to jerk myself back to reality and what Christ says I am in Him. The only thing that calmed me was to sit in my scorching hot car and read my Bible, God's Word to me. Praise the Lord!

I came home for lunch today, not even caring that it was being non-saving for gas. I just needed to go home and relax a bit. We were really quite busy at the old Backbone-aroo. Glad to see it and hope it continues. Pray for Connie, family stuff.

Tonight I came home, washed some dishes and then I...sat around reading my book some more. Not too productive. Molly and Romey joined me on the couch. Rather a precarious spot I think.


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