Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project 366- July 22, 2008

I laugh at myself a bit and at what must be God's sense of humor. You see, this week I'm helping Amelia do two 5-Day clubs in Broken Bow. I did no planning for these events and yet they went off smashingly well. It is so strange. I know Amelia prepared for a whole summer;) and she does such a great job.

What a nice day. Brenna finished up her sewing projects to be entered for the county fair. She did a pillow, a needlebook and a decorated purse. I'm proud to say she did the work herself, with minimal guidance. Some of it looks as if an 8 year old did it, but hey she did!



  1. The true question of all 4_H sewing (at least at my house) was how much yelling was involved. (Okay maybe that was more when I was a teenager and didn't want to hear my mom tell me to take it out...maybe you've got a few years.)

  2. We always said that if you cried over a sewing project, it would surely win some big prize. ;-)