Saturday, July 26, 2008

Project 366- July 26, 2008

MOPS. I wish I were in MOPS. Not simply because I desire to be a wife and mother, but because I love those ladies! This weekend was their antiquity picture fundraiser. I went with mom to help today and to work on the sign for the float. Isn't it shnazzy?! It is the logo for this year's MOPS theme. I'm glad Kate asked for my artistic help. I had a lovely time.

The most exciting thing of the day and maybe of the year thus far was Seth's arrival on the scene. Right as we were preparing to leave the house...he walked in! He came bearing news. He is turning back to the Lord. He has a long way to go, but he's listening to God's tugging at his heart. That is soo amazing and such an answer to prayer. Pray for he and his girlfriend as they set out on this journey together, may they find their true selves in Christ Jesus.

The garden has gotten somewhat crazy lately...big weeds. I'm going to feel the effects of those big weeds tomorrow. I pulled the ones around the lettuce, carrots, strawberries, watermelons and part of the cantaloupes. Whew!


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