Monday, July 28, 2008

Project 366- July 28, 2008

The fog was thick this morning and its humidity lasted all through the day. The first comment nearly every patient made as they came in was, "Man it's hot out there!" I was glad to be at Backbone rather than GC:) Today I did front desk, Connie was gone. I'm still not sure where she was...I thought she was going to be gone NEXT Monday. Hmm, guess I missed something:)

It wasn't too bad of a day. I got to work on my people skills:) Sometimes I have such a hard time with small is so pointless:S I did my best and I hope that no one was turned off by my lack of bubbling conversation at all moments.

Tonight while the troupe was at dog practice I pulled out my sewing. I'm working on numerous Sun Bonnet Sue quilts for each of us kids and mom. I have three tops finished and I nearly finished the fourth tonight. It was very relaxing to have the music playing and just doing my thing.

Brenna and Stella graduated tonight, that means they do get to show at the county fair on Saturday!


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