Sunday, July 06, 2008

Project 366- July 3, 2008

We started out this day filled with life and projects. Dad and Travis actually came near to driving the tractor through the back door of the house. It was most exciting. They did succeed in moving the concrete slab and didn't go through the wall.

I was supposed to work today...I thought. I got to the Garden Center and there was Clara, also getting out of her car. Turns out she came to work for me. Yippee!!

We had other plans for today but them we got a call from Aunt Zelda. My great uncle, Ted, passed away this morning. Nix of other plans. Mom, Brenna and I headed down to Lincoln straightaway. My heart breaks for Aunt Zelda and Cayliss. We spent the evening helping out, cleaning the house and aiding as she made decisions.

I'll miss Uncle Ted, I didn't know him exceedingly well, but just as well as I did my own grandpa.


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