Saturday, July 12, 2008

Project 366- July 7, 2008

Oh how dearly I wish I could have slept in this morning. I only had one pair of scrubs to wear and so I was the "Jolly Green Alissa" today! I'm afraid I was more drowsy and slow than jolly. My outfit was definitely green though:)

I only stayed until 1:30pm because of our return trip to Lincoln. We had no patients after 9:30am because Dr. Hackel was sleep deprived (he got his wisdom teeth out over the weekend) which made the morning dually odd feeling.

We left for Lincoln a little after 4:30pm in order to get to the mortuary for the family viewing/visitation. They put together a slide show of Uncle Ted. It was really neat to see him through his different ages:) Hehe, even got to see mom as a pregnant bridesmaid! I could tell that Aunt Zelda was getting worn thinner and thinner. She can't wait for the "circus" to be over. So true, to be able to stop and mourn rather than worrying about what needs done before tomorrow. We were blessed with a fabulous sunset on our way back to Zelda's.

It is the Econo Lodge for bed tonight!


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