Thursday, July 03, 2008

Project 366- June 28, 2008

"Tonight is the night, it's a beautiful night..." Hehe:) Travis, Michelle, Ansel and Seth were scheduled to arrive here in Berwyn tonight. The kiddos and the baby flew in this morning and then spent the day with the Olson's. Sethie brought them home to us...but not until the wee hours.

I had plenty of time to mow our MASSIVE yard. I think it gets bigger every week when I go to mow it:) I'm very thankful that we've had moisture so it can grow though too. Mom bought this three sided puzzle and it is so hard. She got it done really quickly the first time and so when I had trouble she kept teasing me. She tried it again and I was able to gloat a little, wasn't so easy!


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