Thursday, July 03, 2008

Project 366- June 29, 2008

You want a full day? Well I've got one here for you.

The day started with a visit with our church family. The Winns will be back next Sunday and so Al gave the message. It was so good to see the love everyone there shows to Travis and Michelle. Ansel slept through church and woke up right at the end. I picked him up and there were like 8 ladies right there trying to get a look at the little fella. He was a hit, that is for sure. How could he not be? He is a baby and he's precious!!

Brenna did my hair this afternoon. It was a pretty casual day for me, I even wore jeans to church. Sometimes I just don't feel like getting all gussied up. Brenna's hair-do for me was fun and silly and went so well with my outfit:)

We have two incapacitated ride in cars that the kids love to pull each other around in all over the yard. I'm not sure what it was that caused Quinn and Travis to have the itch to get one running. They had tools and stuff littered across the lawn and porch. But, victory was theirs! It "works"! The battery is too big so Quinn is almost too light to keep the rear-end of the are down. They had so much fun puttering around with the toy.

We of course had to take them down for a tour of the school. First we walked down to see how the cows were doing and to fill their water. No trouble other than a near dog fight experience on the way back. I love our school:) I love my family and I'm so glad to have them all here!!!


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