Monday, August 11, 2008

Project 366- August 10, 2008

Yay! Quinn says, we're going to Lincoln. Or is that excitement about the donuts in Grand Island? Yum. We started our journey at 7:30am in order to make it to church with Seth and Julia.
I must admit that the bathroom in Christ's Temple was the only one I've been in that had a stained glass window. Sure is purty.
Project 366 picture of today:) Brotherly love! We love Sethy.
Good old bonding time for George and George Jr. Hehe, they make me laugh. Their styles are complete opposite, huh?;)
It has been a long time since we got to spend quality time with Brandon, Andrew and Cayliss. They are neat people, as Andrew would agree. Doesn't that green shirt just look great on him;)Hehe, they did some bonding of their own over Brandon's phone. Getting some coaching from his little sis.
It was an IDEAL day;) We all had a good time and got a lot done in Seth's apartment.

It looked like a new place when we got through. And he didn't make his mom and sister do all the work either.When we finally did head home we had to stop for a few things at Walmart. On our way down, Brenna and I found these great hats. They were on clearance so we got them, Quinn even got a black fedora.

That and ice cream was a yummy end to the day!


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