Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project 366- August 28, 2008

I began my Thursday adventures at the Backbone today. Nothing terribly exciting happened. It was nice to have a few hours without patients to make my phone calls. I like having my Thursdays back:)
When I got home I quickly sprang into action, changed my clothes and hopped on my Deere;) The school lawn has grown into...well a bit of a mess. Today I tackled it, headphones on and music blaring. I was done a lot faster than I thought, even before mom and the kids got home from music practice. The Deere and I are a great team;)

As I returned to the house I remembered mom's words regarding supper..."Geth the chicken started..." Oops, I forgot. Sooo, we changed the chicken plan we had and went for fried chicken. That meant that I had to cut into pieces my little friend here. Project 366 picture: Mom would be the first to tell you that me cutting up a fryer chicken is quite humorous. I just can't calmly slice through muscle, bone and cartilage without squirming and squealing. I did prevail with her guidance to once again cut up this bad boy...or girl;)
We had 6 white pigeons on our roof this afternoon. Yesterday they were on the neighbor's. I heard another noise behind the chicken house though. This poor lonely fellow was searching for a friend. I was not the friend he was looking for...he left quite quickly;)
Tonight dad wanted to drive over and check on the colts. I tried out Brenna's cape and Quinn's helmet. Let us go and find the colts!! Unfortunately you can't see my stellar blue Georgie boots I'm wearing to finish off the ensemble! Good times.


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