Friday, August 08, 2008

Project 366- August 7, 2008

It all started on a humid, foggy morn...

Okay, so the car didn't start on the humid, foggy morn. Dad and I picked up a new battery yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was the wrong size and he had too bad of a headache to switch one from the Z-car. Thus, on this humid, foggy morn I was without a car.

The garden center was empty this morning. I took some lovely flower pictures in the perennials. See:

Oh, that isn't a flower! That is my new pet Dilly. I found him and his little friend Freddy on the dill plants I was getting rid of. They made for quite a bit of entertainment. I made them little homes to take back to the kiddos.

I got off work early due to the lack of motor vehicle and mom took me home. Once home I "accidentally" crashed on mom and dad's bed. Good preparation for the lovely evening at Bunco. As you can see, I am breaking out of the mold and adding more pictures. This is indeed the official Project 366 picture:

Aren't these lovely ladies?! We had a FABULOUS time tonight! There was zucchini, laughter, snorts, bath things and Buncos galore!


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  1. Key question: was there snorting from others or just from you? Only tease those whom we love.