Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project 366- October 18, 2008

What a fine day for a wedding. I must say that weddings often "sour in my mouth", but today's was better than it has been. Lance and Shu were married this afternoon in a lovely ceremony. Lance was a church classmate of mine (he was home schooled, but the same age) and he went to the same engineering school as my brother. Shu is from Taiwan and also went to that school. They were a fun looking couple, she so short and he so tall.
The Kettering "gang" was there and so hilarious as always. They do such crazy things and have some pretty great stories to share about them.
Project 366 picture:

Shilo, Matt and Titus came up for the wedding as well!!!! So I got to enjoy their company today, at the wedding and at home. Praise the Lord for good friends.
Hehe, Shilo wanted to "become one with Nebraska" so she threw herself in a ditch. I love this girl.
Titus wasn't sure what he thought about the ditch scene;)


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