Friday, October 24, 2008

Project 366- October 24, 2008

Guess who is 9 years old today! BRENNA!! I can hardly believe it, 9 years old:S She is growing to be such a lady. Boy was she fit to be tied when she got not one, but three phone calls today:)
Project 366 picture: Talking to big bro Trav on the phone.
The snow is all gone now. It left a lot of mud and muck in its wake though. Quinn and I put on our mud boots and held the gate for dad. Doesn't he just look cute enough to eat, with his scarf tied round his neck?
So, our two little guys are growing up and Skippy is now very interested in the out of doors. We call him our "mountain lion" because of his size and just the look in his eyes. Today I let him out and he arched his back up and hop, hop, hopped across the deck. What was he looking fierce for, you ask...absolutely nothing. It had me in stitches.
He never stays out long, just comes crying back to the door. The hugeness of outside makes him pretty jittery.
I gave my present to Brenna early to spread out the good cheer. I bought her the Giselle Barbie doll. She was so elated! (mom had clued me in on her desire to have such a Barbie:))
The leaves are still yellow and falling. Now they are just falling in the mud:)

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