Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Project 366- November 18, 2008

Mom and the kids went in to town for a MOPS planning meeting this morning. I tried to catch up on some stuff I needed to do. I drew four camels for Kate's church Christmas program:) I then loaded up to go to town. Hehe, I only had to chase one camel across the lawn and tackle it. It was a bit windy and I drew them on stove size cardboard boxes.
Brenna bought candy canes the other day. She's been waiting and waiting for them to be in the store.

I delivered the camels to Kate's house and met mom with her phone she'd left at home. Then it was off to a bi-weekly work meeting. Arg. I despise work meetings. The only highlight is the free food. For some reason, okay lots of reasons, they just put me out of sorts. After a meeting I feel like quitting, like I'm doing a terrible job, like the expectations are ridiculous... And then I go back to work and it was no biggy. Why must the stress of meetings happen:S?
I decided that tonight I would pick a movie to watch. Mom had to work anyway. I picked Monsters Inc. I really like that movie...cute.
Project 366 picture: Daddy-O got a haircut!

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