Monday, November 24, 2008

Project 366- November 23, 2008

This morning I got all ready for church, packed up my things and we headed out the door. I planned on taking my car to church as well and then heading for home from there. Well...
Project 366 picture:

My car wouldn't start. It just made the "I'm dead, so don't bother trying to turn me on" clicking noise, even when we tried to jump it.
We headed to church and decided to figure it out after church. Church was great! I even got to play 6 Degrees with the person sitting next to me:) We had Thanksgiving dinner following church and it was delicious.
Now back to the car...I'd given up on it. In my mind I was trying to figure out how I was going to afford a new car right now. But, God is good and it started right up!!! Homeward bound!
I took my time piddling through the sweet little towns along the way. I even got another historical marker!!!

There are lots of grain bins between Hastings and Crete.
And in most of the small towns there is lots of proof of their better days:(
Empty schools.
I'm glad to be home in my own dead, little town.

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