Sunday, December 14, 2008

Project 366- December 13, 2008

Brenna had a birthday party to attend in town this morning. Mom took her in and chilled until it was over. Quinn and I got to enjoy the entire morning together. We had a great fun time. It is so entertaining watching little kids play make believe.
When mom and Brenna got home, they unloaded the groceries and we all hopped back into the car. This afternoon was this month's ladies meeting for our church. We headed out on Ryno Road to the Eggleston's. Check out their view!!! I would love to live up on a table like that and see this every day.
December Photo Project:
As we got out of the car, two little, plump, gray kittens trotted over from the garage. They were so sweet and adorable. Turns out they are orphans and LOVE people. Quinn got a cuddle in with one.
This is the old Ryno Table school I guess. Jean wasn't sure if that had been the name or not. So sad to see it all boarded up and deserted. I have a think for old stuff and old schools are no exception:)
Project 366 picture:
On the way home we stopped at the square so the kids could play. Today is supposed to be the last "nice" day for awhile. A high of 50 degrees today, but only in the teens tomorrow! They had a blast playing and I taking pictures:)
I love this old gazebo/bandstand in the square. It afforded much in the way of photographs. Grandma dropped off a bunch of videos she had this afternoon. We watched The Return of the Black Stallion.

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