Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Project 366- December 15, 2008

So...it is officially COLD! We are cranking up the wood furnace!! Stella is still cold...but she's a dog. We do let her in now and then, but it is a good thing God created her to be outside:)

I think it is cold too and would really rather not going back to work after my lunch break. Connie got the morning off due to the cold:S Thought maybe I could leave early, but I just had too much to do.

So Skippy has a new favorite toy. Mom was going to fill this with pine cones or something as a decoration. Skippy likes to climb inside of it and I mean ALL the way inside it. Crazy animal.

Brenna was "teaching" school tonight:) She was having a spelling bee for her stuffed animals. This alien looking lamb, included.

I'm glad for the fire tonight and that I sleep downstairs near it. Mom and dad both said that they slept in extra clothes last night to try and keep warm. Brrr.


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