Saturday, December 06, 2008

Project 366- December 5, 2008

A beautiful sunrise is a FABULOUS way to start the day. I have begun to look forward to seeing what the sunrise will look like each day that I work. Its variations are so amazing, thank you God!
December Photo Project:

It was a full day and super busy afternoon. I had a good day, nice patient interaction, got extra work done and didn't feel like I was pathetic at my job!
At 5:50pm Mom and Dad dropped off the kids with me. Tonight was the ALCC Christmas party so I'm really on duty:)

I took the kids to Pizza Hut once we got out of work nearly an hour later. They had Book-It vouchers, hurrah! We had a yummy, fun time...when they weren't arguing over who got to sit by me. Maybe the booth wasn't such a good idea. We ended up just playing Chinese fire drill every 10 minutes or so:) After filling up on pizza and cinnamon sticks we went down to the town square to see the lights and the nativity. Boy was it pretty and COLD! Brenna wanted to be a wise man on this occasion, with her gift for the new born king.
Project 366 picture:
Next stop was the video store to pick our videos for our "sleepover." Sleepover meaning watching a movie and sleeping in the spare bedroom. We watched Nim's Island tonight, part of it 3 times!
Mom and Dad got home about 30 minutes into the movie and we agreed to go back to the beginning so they could watch it too. We got all settled in and started again only to get 15 minutes into the movie. Grandma called and wanted dad to come light her furnace pilot light. Once he left we started the movie again...5 minutes:) Grandma called back to change plans and we had to call dad back to the house:D WHEW!!


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