Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Project 366- November 30, 2008

Hello all!!! Ahh, I can't believe December is nearly here:S I'm still stuck somewhere in LAST January. I've decided to participate in the December Photo Project along with my Project 366. You'll have to check out the site for that and my pictures to come.
Project 366 photo: My first meringue!! It turned out fabulous and beautiful:)
I made the meringue for a chocolate pie to have at church potluck. After the potluck the kids were all corralled into Christmas program practice. Oh yay! I have trouble getting enthused, but I'm sure it will be adorable and lovely hearing the kids sing in a few weeks.
Our jolly time with Clara, Amelia and their friends back must come to an end. We had a super time. Aren't we lovely (I think Amelia is getting more and more accustomed to being "in" my "bubble")!
Can anyone guess what we did at our house Sunday evening? Hmmm, tough one eh?I love how my family is game for most silliness such as this. This picture was for a Christmas project I'm working on. Poor Quinn, he couldn't handle being under the kitchen light. Yes, we're in the kitchen lying on the floor:)

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  1. Ah merengue. Something I also decided to learn how to make when we first moved here. Not nearly as scary as it looks.