Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Away From Civilization

I love you people, really I do, but...I am never happier than when out in the open nature of central Nebraska. Last weekend we spent an afternoon in just that fashion. It was so loverly.
The trip did have a purpose and we did succeed in that mission. Woodcutting once again. I must admit that the lovely day did distract me from being as much help:S
I will applaud mom for her wood slinging skills in my stead:) Whilst the parentals were working hard together, Quinn and I went on an "adventure"(Brenna was in town at a friends house).
Quinn loves these trips as much as I do and kept dragging me up or down some hillside. I forget that they aren't growing up in quite the same fashion as I did.
When I was his age I spent every nice day, outside of those in the classroom, out and about the pastures surrounding our home. I loved building forts, playing make-believe, swimming in forbidden creeks, living with only my imagination to guide me:)
Quinn and I were able to do that on this trip, or "adventure" as he labeled it. We walked quite a ways. The walk took us all the way to a windmill we'd seen far off from our adventure's beginning. Once again I was shown the differences in our childhood surroundings. He'd never seen a windmill up close! He didn't know why the second tank at said windmill was down lower than the first. Hehe, we had a windmill less than 100ft from our backdoor when I was young.
We had such a jolly good time, I wish I could "hide out" in someone's pasture. Hmmm, that solitude would suit me.

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