Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's All Ride Mariah

I had a brilliant idea on Thursday. Mom went to town for an appointment and it was just the kids and I. I don't often ride without Dad home due to my short stature. I'm sure I could finagle my way on bareback or get the saddle on somehow...but I just don't. My realization today was that Mariah is short. Brilliant, no? Hehe, I'm not to "into" riding the pony, but I decided at least I could get her saddled for the kids to ride!!:)
My suggestion was well received. Just so you know...I can lift this saddle with one arm:) Quinn gave it a good dusting with the brush.
Meanwhile, Brenna brushed the actual steed. I may have pitched in a bit too. Brenna was more worried about Mariah's head, I was interested in the "no stickers under the saddle" bit.We've been working on getting Mariah used to the bit 'n bridle so Quinn can ride her on his own. It isn't too difficult, get them in the round pen and let 'em loose. Yeehaw!
Dad got home somewhere in the whole process and suggested we try Mariah out in the open. Quinn was a bit worried.
He was sure she would "run away" with him. I managed to talk him into trying it, assuring him I'd be there every step. I may have wandered a few steps just to show him he was capable...oh, and to take a picture or two;)
He did fine. Silly kid. Brenna rode her around the pine trees several times too. She first gave us a tree climbing show. Dad said later he found her at the top of one of the pine trees, crazy!
It was such an enjoyable afternoon. Quinn and I "played" with Mariah some more before taking her back to the pen. He tried his hat on her for fun.
Mariah's response to the "grueling" hours? Immediate rolling in the dirt:)

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun!

    Wish I could have been there.