Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chicken Fun #2

It was a morning like this......when Quinn went outside to play. The wind was howling and the snow was blowing, but he insisted he would be fine.
This is who he found...
...she was stuck in the snow and quickly loosing steam. It was a chicken rescue day!
Mom gave her a bath to release the massive snow clods she had stuck in her feathers. Poor thing. (I still don't like chickens and I DID NOT touch her.)
Then it was off to the basement to be put in a box in the wood room. Molly was highly interested in the contents of the box and one of the cats jumped on top of it, falling in:S

She did survive. Our first ever successful chicken rescue. I do think she may be blind now though.

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  1. Two comments:
    I wouldn't have touched her either! I hate birds!

    And the "she may be blind" part makes me laugh-you sound as if you are just saying something ordinary or normal like "We went to the wedding and there was cake" or "After my bath, I watched tv." I don't just cracked me up.