Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Beautiful Day For Fishing

Last week I had a day off and no reason for it, no obligations but a freebie. Mom, the kids and I headed out for a bit of fishing in Ansley.
It was a good day for the catch. We tried keeping track of how many they each caught. Brenna ended up with 6 or 7. Here she is with sunfish #2!
Molly came along and was quite enthusiastic about the fish. She nearly took a bite out of a few of them. Of course Quinn made sure to dangle his close to her nose each time.
Quinn lost count in the middle but Brenna was on top of it, coming up with 10 for his count.I must admit that I didn't do much on the actual fishing front. The help I did try to give ended in me screaming and running from Brenna's jumped around on the hook and slapped me in the face!!!
I spent my time taking pictures of each catch and reading a bit of historical fiction. We had a lovely day.


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