Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sandhills Scenic Byway Interpretive Center

Yay for being a volunteer!! I was super excited last Sunday to be at the byway. I love Nebraska, its history and its coolness.
It was a beautiful day and amazingly quiet inside the barn. Well, only when there weren't any people inside.
Mom and I were having a grand old time. Even though I didn't let her read her book at all;)
Then we had a visitor we did NOT grant entrance.
This snake was super ready to get in, even tried climbing up the glass. We discovered he is a racer. Needless to say we shut the side door we had open:)


  1. Ug for the snake business. Double ug for the fact that he was pretty big.

  2. Well, he was very long, fairly skinny though. Kinda enthusiastic about the interpretive center tho. We were SO GLAD that he didn't find the open south door 1st

  3. wow--that center is pretty cool...from the looks of it :)