Friday, September 11, 2009


What are two creative, fun-loving girls to do on a Saturday night in town?


Let me explain. I found instructions online for a make-it-yourself dressform. The making of the dress form is accomplished by wrapping oneself in duct tape, creating your own personal shape. Amelia was kind enough to wrap me up, creating Olga!

Once there were sufficient layers of duct tape, the form was cut off, t-shirt and all. It was so weird being wrapped in duct tape. I felt as if I were a knight preparing for battle...or a lady corseting up for the ball;)

Next we taped the duct tape creature onto a hanger and tube and taped her shut. Then, we proceeded in stuffing the creature full of stuffing. Upon completion we decided she needed a name...and thus Olga was born.
Isn't Olga just spiffy?! Such fun!


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