Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Showers

Last weekend was one of bridal showers. In the past such a weekend would have sent me spiraling into "woe is me" depression. Praise the Lord for much time in His word and relying on His strength in the waiting. I won't say I was a bubbly, chipper, "hurray for you" cheerleader, but I was able to be happy for these girls. My thoughts were on them and their futures, rather than my own.

Miss Cindy from church hosted Clara's shower. (Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Bethany's shower:S) She "tortured" Clara with some question and answer time about herself and Levi. Hehe.

Mom shared some words of wisdom on keeping a home. It was a blessing to hear her share with the ladies there. I am so blessed to have her for a mother!
Then came the gift giving time. The little ones were so funny to watch. You can hardly open a gift without assistance at our house.
Lydia was excited to be there to! Thanks for the smile Lyd;)

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