Sunday, November 15, 2009


I want to share with you an answer to a 5 year prayer. As most of you know, I spent the summer of 2004 in Bucharest, Romania at a privately ran, Christian orphanage. While I was there many of the children went to visit living relatives for a time. One such girl, Andreea, went to visit her aunt for a week.

When she returned she brought her older brother Catallin back with her. Andreea was 14 and Catallin was 15 at the time. The aunt could not or would not have him in her home any longer. Catallin stayed at the orphanage for several weeks. I got to know him as we got to know the other children. He was a fun-loving, goofy, kind young man. He fit right in with the others and added to enjoyable times.
Near the end of my time there, the orphanage director returned from a fundraising trip in the USA. She was very concerned by a 15 year old boy's presence at the orphanage. Not knowing all the details, I cannot say why she was so unwilling to have him there. The day before we left Catallin had to leave and to where, I do not know. Before he left, we swapped watches to remember friends by. That was the last I had seen or heard of Catallin for 5 years.

The watch band broke and so I have it sitting in the coin drawer in my car. The alarm goes off daily for nearly a minute.(I couldn't figure out how to change it.) I've used that alarm as a reminder to pray for the children of Romania and specifically for Catallin. I've often wondered where he ended up in a country so poor and in hard times. I also knew that his time at the orphanage that summer may have been the only introduction to Jesus Christ he ever had.

Over the last few months I have been able to reconnect with several of the children in Romania through facebook! How exciting it is to hear from them again and to see how they've grown and changed. Last week I found Catallin on facebook. Can you guess where Catallin's path has taken him? Catallin is in his 3rd year of college. More awesome than that, he is studying Pastoral Theology.

That young boy who was a part of my life for only a few weeks one summer is proof of God's mighty hand. He's taken that orphan boy and is molding him into His servant. What an amazing answer to prayer!

In Christ,

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