Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas View;)

The "newlyweds" made it in from Lincoln. How long do you call them newlyweds? for a whole year? six months? Anywho, there they are and they brought their ferret too;)

I taught myself to use a drill on Christmas Eve. You see, dad and I purchased these stools for mom and they had to be assembled. Of course, coming from China in pieces never stuck together before...the holes didn't match up:S
I had to drill some new holes. It took some courage, but they look pretty good. They haven't collapsed under anyone either!
We had donuts for Christmas breakfast. I think I could handle that one as a tradition. These donuts are so cheap, easy and DELICIOUS!
Technology is fabulous! Since the New York portion of our fam couldn't come we opened gifts via Skype and the webcam. Lots of fun and due to a larger number of us we moved into Quinn's bedroom for the time.
Once again I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010!!


  1. The pink robe on Seth is very lovely. And homemade doughtnuts sound like a delicious tradition.

  2. The stools look awesome!! And so do those donuts!