Monday, December 07, 2009

Crazy Christmas Photo Shoot #1

What to do on a night alone with these two hooligans:)? Mom and Dad were gone to Christmas events two nights in a row last week. The kids and I had lots of fun working on Christmas gifts, watching Night At The Museum II and then having a photo shoot. I wanted to take a family picture the one night, so I got us all ready to go. I figured since Mom and Dad were already dressed it would be simple, as soon as they arrive! Well, it was too late by the time they arrived...we were in bed.
The kids had fun taking pictures too. Here is a nice one of the tree.
I planned ahead and had a backdrop all ready, Christmas hats for us to wear and an idea of coordinating colors in our wardrobe. One with the puppies was needed:)
Madness ensued.
The kids wanted to keep taking pictures (sissy's camera sure is nifty;)) and we moved on with new wardrobe. GI Jane?
I love my sweet little munchkins, they are a true blessing! TADA!!!
I guess we'll try again at the family picture;)

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