Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Crazy Christmas Photo Shoot #2

So I told you yesterday that we were going for a family picture and here we have the final outcome. (Yes, I know that my brothers, sister-in-laws and nephew are not present...we'll call it a household family picture since we are the ones who live here)
How does one get this crazy bunch into some semblance of order?:S We tried putting Dad on the floor, but he grunted and groaned alot;)
Once we had him on the floor though, we thought we'd make the most of the position. If you look in the bottom lefthand corner you'll see who interrupted the floor position;)
Standing...not too bad.
Rearrange...I think that Brenna and Quinn are just getting too tall. Next year I'll have to be in the front row alone:S


  1. Great pictures of your household! :)

  2. Nice...great color choices.

  3. CUTE! I love the pictures!