Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Continued Prayer for Haiti.

They are so worth it.
As you know, my cousin Kayla and her husband adopted a little boy from Haiti last year. They are currently in the process of adopting a little girl from Haiti also. Of course, having such a close connection to Haiti has helped me to keep lifting those people up in prayer and to have an inside scoop on how things are going for some of the people. My heart breaks for the whole country and I've cried nearly every day since the first earthquake hit last week.
My cousin's kids were from two different orphanages, the boy from For His Glory in Port-Au-Prince which I've been updating you on and the little girl from 50 miles away from there at HCH. Here is some news from HCH where it was previously not going too bad:

"I also just heard from a contact who has good contact with the orphanage that this morning's aftershock/minor earthquake has made Conleigh's orphanage unliveable. So they are back out to the yard or maybe another building in town. Don't know the specifics just it sounded like it sustained further damage. No one was hurt but they may need to make some type of plans for shelter. The bad part of leaving the orphanage is that the orphanage has its own well so inside the orphanage they have a constant supply of water. "

Yesterday the head of Conleigh's orphanage took her and 3 other children to try and get them processed to leave Haiti for the US. They were given an appointment for January 30. Pray that they might be allowed Humanitarian Parole and finish out their adoptions in the US. It is now a more urgent need as the orphanage is unsafe.

From For His Glory:

"Onto the Kenson front, his orphanage is still in PAP and is having trouble getting out. The intake center I spoke about earlier is not going to be provided by the US government and the US government is unwilling to come help evacuate their orphanage. So they have a problem. They have 130 kids who need to get to the Embassy to be processed. Even if their cases were approved, which many have been from the emails I have seen, they do not have the paperwork they need to get on planes. (At least that's my understanding. It could be a little off because most of the communication is via email and third party.) It sounds like someone has looked over the scanned documents that the parents sent but that to actually get the visa/Parole documents you have to get to the Embassy. There is no way to get 130 kids to the Embassy at one time. What is a manageable number of kids to get through the streets of PAP? It sounds like for right now, they have decided to try to do groups of ten, with the babies who they are most worried about going first. But if they can only do ten kids a day, it will take them over two weeks to get to all the kids. They cannot stay in their current location for two weeks. There has been talk of renting hotel rooms somewhere. But even then, it doesn't get them food and water on a consistent basis. Please pray for a solution to this problem; I am confident God will make a way for them to be safe and get home but right now, no one is seeing what that plan is. Pray for the Board, President, Director, etc. that they might clearly see what that plan is and have the wisdom needed to follow it and execute it."

Thank you for your prayers!


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