Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Day of Wikki Stix and Walks.

Hi. My name is Alissa. I love spending time with children. This is true. Today was MOPS and I did a poor job of planning. God provides though, and we had a lovely time. First, we played with the Wikki Stix. They are fun little things, yarn covered in wax I believe. Do you like my sculpture? :)
They got quite creative when we started making them into candy shaped objects.
My little sister wanted to help out the orphans in Haiti. She and my mom put together a bake sale, inviting loads of people to make baked goods. Today from 1:30-6:30 they sat at our local grocery store and raised $350 for the orphans of Haiti. She has such a tender heart.
Continue to pray for Haiti. Getting children out who are in the adoption process has been slowed. Check out Kayla's blog again and see how you can pray.
There was not enough room at the sale for the little brother and I to hang about. We had a nice afternoon to spend together. He was quite ready to sit and watch a movie with me so I could get more quilting done;) Then we took a walk around town to enjoy the lovely weather.
Hehe, Doc was a bit curious by our walking by. He towers over us abit;)
He's a goofy kid.
I love this old building that stands on main street. How many stories it must have to tell. It has been the movie theater, the post office, the library and a restaurant in its many years. Now it stands cold and empty. Hmm.
Hehe, look what I did on a whim this morning:) I so rarely paint my nails and even more rarely paint them a shade of red or pink. I guess I was feeling rebellious. I will say that the pink matched my undershirt, that peeked out a bit.
Have a lovely mid-week:)



  1. At the risk of sounding superficial (re: the Haitian orphans), I like your fingernails. ;-)

  2. I don't believe it's your hand. That would be like me painting my nails....

  3. Sometimes pink fingernails are such a cheerful thing to have looking back at you on normal days.