Monday, January 04, 2010

Puppies again:)

Aren't they ADORABLE!? Meet Midnight Squeaker (left) and Duchess (right). We lost the 3rd little one several weeks ago, but these two are going strong.
We have now barracaded them into the kitchen as that is the only place without carpet other than the hallway. We've only had to modify the barracade once to keep them in, little whippersnappers!
They are so social and love people. You step into the kitchen and they come running and jumping. I love to sit on the floor and let them go crazy. They are so precious.
As cute and fun as they are...they need new homes in a few weeks. I would so take one if I were moving out, but I don't foresee that anytime soon.
Need a puppy? Let me correct myself...want a puppy? :)


  1. If we lived close to you I would be BEGGING Sean to let us have one! They are so cute!!!

  2. Well, Duchess is now spoken for! I really want to keep Midnight Squeaker:( Prince Charming, can't you just show up so we can have a puppy?!

  3. We've promised our boys a dog sometime this year, probably when it gets warmer out. Those are very cute puppies....maybe you'll have more to find homes for later in the year????

  4. They were an unplanned batch of puppies so I don't think they'll be more later;)