Friday, January 01, 2010

Reading List for 2009

Last year at some point I decided to write down what books I read. It made it a bit of a goal to read more. I enjoy reading, but often don't make time for that enjoyment.

Ten is pretty good for about 6 months time. Yes, I do now see that I wrote Wuthering Heights down twice;) Truly, I was not trying to pad the list.

I went to a wedding today, 'twas lovely. Quite honestly though, weddings for an unwed woman of 26 can be straining. I don't think I could bear them without the Lord. Satan loves to poke about at one's weak spots. Things like "you'll never be good enough for someone" tend to be his jabs at me. It can be a daily struggle at times. My relationship with Jesus Christ is my strength.

'Tis a new year, isn't it?! I wonder what this year will hold. I can't say as I have anything grand planned. We'll see if God's got different ideas. I do have two things I pointedly want to work on, goals-ish.

1: Work out/Get in shape. Now most people just want to lose weight. I'm happy with my weight, rather it is my low back issues. Strengthening the stomach and back muscles would make daily like much more enjoyable.

2: Don't spend $$ I don't have available. I'm not a big shopper or spender, but I hate having debt. Purchasing a new car by way of a loan pointed out what I am overspending. I want to do better.

I'm not putting spend more time in the Word, prayer and just falling in love with Christ on the list. That, my friends, is a given. I want my everyday to have more of those things. Best be off to bed.



  1. Okay so where's your list for 2010?

  2. I'm happy I found your blog! You're such a great writer. I look forward to the adventures ahead!

    Happy new year, I hope its the best yet for you :)

  3. Kayla, those are the books I read without a preconceived idea of some list. I'll make this years agian as I go:)