Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tricycles, Runzas and Laughter.

Last night we had our Runza Christmas Party. I wasn't sure what to expect since we have a variety of ages who work there. Don't get me wrong, they are all great people, but I just wasn't sure how we'd interact without work going on.
Hehe, there were two tricycles borrowed for us to use in a relay. Ashly and I jumped on them right away and began peddling around and around. It was hilarious! Some of the others formed the barrel pattern and we tried racing around them. Oh, my. Once we got off and could walk upright again, others had to give it a shot. Go Joyce!!
Bubba on the other hand was a little too long limbed for the cycling.
His solution was to just push people around rather than making them peddle.
The true reason for the tricycles was for our relay game. Ashly and I were not allowed to participate in the cycling until the end of the relay due to our practice:S
Notice the team on the left is ahead...yeah, that is my team:)
Then we played pictionary.
Ian also got ahold of my camera. Hmmm.
Yeah, I'm glad that I'm in the picture, proof that I didn't take this one;) I work with a fun gang!

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  1. Mishayla1:06 AM

    I had fun at the party! Glad you did too! You are quite the tricycle rider! Always enjoy working with you! :)