Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 1, Part 2.

Look, a sun dog!!
I brought a bag of hats as props...we only used them once:) Haha.
I love reading the markers and seeing how different areas of our state are connected throughout history.
This one in Hay Springs was very interesting about Crazy Horse. Read it here.
This is what some of the scenery began to look like around us. Hmmm, doesn't look so much like Nebraska and is:)
And on to Chadron we went...
Talk about a TALL marker. Even Clara had to jump for this one. We were trying to get the picture to work all while this guy just stood and watched, chuckling. He didn't even offer to take the picture! Haha.

Unfortunately, we did not find the Chadron State College marker. Clara called her friend who lives there and attended CSC. It seems that the marker may have been "taken out" with a pillar by someone's car :S We'll have to take this one as the isn't on the list.
Chadron State Park. I had to kick a lot of snow to get this much visible. Clara moved, I slipped.
Clara sang...and I still slipped:)
One final marker for the night after filling up on vittles at Arby's.
Clara and I then ventured out of state (gasp) for our accommodations in Hot Springs. The evening continued with time with her friends there and finally...sleep.

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