Thursday, February 11, 2010


Due to the lack of world history in my formal education, I have been joining in with Brenna and Quinn as mom does their History of the World. Tuesday was history. We learned about the Ottoman-Turks. The kids really enjoy the activities and/or crafts that come with the curriculum.
Hehe, today's extra activity was to make Turkish Delight! Those of you who have read the Chronicles of Narnia know of Turkish Delight. Sounds like fun, no?!
As a child I always thought Turkish Delight was little cubes of turkey meat. But, when I was in Ireland a few years ago I saw some Turkish Delight in the English market. I read the ingredients and was put straight:) It's a sweetie!
Hehe, mom got the job of stirring, stirring, stirring.
Ours has almonds in it, some have dried fruit. The recipe says to let it cool and set up then cut it into pieces to roll in powdered sugar. Hmmm.
Ours has yet to set up:S It tastes good though!!



  1. how did the turkish delight turn out? I'd love to see pics! When my friends and I went to a museum in Philly last year to view the "Narnia" exhibit, they were selling turkish delight (packaged), and we tried it. It was good, but then again--not homemade!

    miss you friend! how are u doing?

  2. Stay away from that Turkish delight if a beautiful witch gives it to you, though! ;-)