Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Markers in the snow. Day 2. Part 1.

Some days just don't start smoothly. I think waking up to snow in Hot Springs started me out nervous about our return voyage. We also didn't get as early of a start as we wanted. It was not any one's fault or for bad reason, just not as early. As the snow came down and we'd been driving an hour we were quite excited to see this sign!!! Hurrah for Nebraska! Personally, Nebraska makes me very happy(if you hadn't noticed). I honk upon entering the state.
Alas, it was still cold and snowy in NE too:(
This is the first marker trip, well any longish trip that I've taken my little blue car. The Council Tree marker was the first test of its abilities:)
The marker was located where the old highway had been...down a snow covered gravel road. I may have held my breath.
Such a blessing it was to have the next marker right there along the edge of the highway! (Yes it does say ButtE country...haha.)
Our first town stoppage was Crawford, with 3 markers listed. Umm, it was more of a challenge than we anticipated. After filling up with gas and perusing Main Street several times we tried for the Crawford School Bell. This is a slightly different marker, so small:)
The Death of Baptiste Garnier was listed only as "Main Street, Crawford". We never did find it:( I did get a couple pictures to remember our time by.
Notice the position of this tree. Tight squeeze, no?
Whew, we spent a lot of time in Crawford.
As you gaze into the cloudy, snowy sky you can see the formations that are a part of this territory of Nebraska. Cool.
Next...Fort Robinson!!!

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  1. I love looking at ALL of the markers. But I'll just post my comment of appreciation on this one day. :-)