Sunday, February 14, 2010

Me Time.

Last night Mrs. Rodgers set up a date for my parents at her house. She made them food and then they watched a movie together. She and Mrs. Williams, along with their husbands, entertained the Hajda and Slagle children at the Williams home.
I...stayed home. When one foresees that amount of time home alone there are so many options of what to do with them.
I decided to continue on with a project that is nearly done while watching some Netflix. But first... I took some time for pampering with a nice long soak in the tub.
Hehe, a masque was also included in the pampering.
Along with some loud music, Robin Mark to be exact.
AHHHHHH!!! Sorry, didn't mean to scare you:)
I didn't have any I'll add some fake cucumbers via the computer:)
Happy Single's Awareness Day to me!!! :) (No negativeness meant by S.A.D., simply what it is.)



  1. Woot for the Singleness Awareness Day! I think it's easy for people to forget that being a onesome is sometimes awkward. (In some ways, it's the same as being a couple with no kids when all your friends have kids. Or being the only married couple amongst single friends. Or...well I'm sure there are more...)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful night!!! I need to do that soon! :)

  3. Sheree11:40 AM

    LOVE the 'cucumbers'! Ummm, did you like the lavender foaming bath?