Monday, February 08, 2010


Hmmm, doesn't sunshine and green grass look lovely. I love the changing of the seasons. It is definitely a perk of living where I do.
I've really been seeing that my love language leans strongly towards 'words of affirmation', as of late. I say strongly leaning to because I also have the personality feature of trouble with making decisions. I hate to pinpoint myself into one group and be labeled. But, anywho...
This week I've been seeing my need to be affirmed by those around me. It is what makes me feel good, special and appreciated. What struck me is the way I turn to people for those affirming words, words that are empty after a short period of time. I am soon finding my love tank empty and need the words again. Whose words am I to be looking too?! Not man's.
I do understand that God has given us one another to be an encouragement. However, I want to be strengthened with the Word, from the ONLY one who can fill my love tank and supplies all my needs.
Scripture memorization, like I've said before, is going to be a focus for me this year and hopefully years to come. I'm working on Hebrews 3!! Go to the Word, Alissa!



  1. I think that it so important to even vaguely pinpoint a love language. It not only helps you, but it helps other people understand you.

    Do you know how much I long for green grass and not freezing my rear end off every time I go outside?

  2. Oh Amelia, I hear you on the freezing my rear end off bit!

    Love languages are intriguing. And Alissa, have you considered the opposite of love languages? That if words of affirmation really speak to you, that words that come across as less than affirming probably impact you more deeply?

  3. Sheree7:44 PM

    Hi, I am messing with my identity and seeing if it will let me use Name/Url. I too want green grass and 60 degrees!