Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part 1:)

The hardest part about continuing to search out historical markers is distance. I've made it to the point where the needed markers are far enough away that you need to make it a two day trip. I also feel bad in dragging others along for the ride. I never know if people enjoy it as much as I do. Miss Clara has always been a willing companion and this trip was no exception!
This time we traveled all the way to Ellsworth before getting to stop for a marker. Here is store. By the way, you cannot use their restroom unless you are a the sign.
Hurray, hurray, hurray!! We were VERY excited to get to a marker. Due to snow the evening before, we left about 4 hours later than we had planned. The roads were rough in a few patches but cleared off the longer the day went on.
A picture I wish could be captured is of our two cameras sitting on the ground, wrapped around parts of my car or more creatively positioned with the gorilla pods. It was like looking at Wall-E and Eva sitting together watching us:) Haha.
The major plus of this marker trip was driving through the sandhills...I love the sandhills. It is so soothing to drive out in the openness, away from everything. This next marker has a bit of a special place for me.
You see, when I was just a wee little thing my parents worked for Flora Sandoz. It was a short position, due to her um..temperament, but we did live in the house that Old Jules lived in. There is one of my claims to fame.
We even saw some blue sky. The sunshine was actually causing the road to steam. We drove down our own sauna;)
Oh, give my a home,
where the buffalo roam...

All the way to Gordon!!

to be continued...



  1. Mary Beth11:57 AM

    Cool trip. What a wonderful hobby. Do you ever visit markers outside Nebraska or is this just Nebraska history?

  2. Too fun. I'm glad everything worked out so that you could go. Hooray!

  3. This is strictly a Nebraska history "hobby", I've stopped randomly at some in other states though.