Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tea/Punch Party!

I'm involved in a group called American Heritage Girls (AHG). Last week we had a tea party. My girls (age 12-12th grade) planned the event so I had a lot to do for the event.
The girls were TONS of help as we prepared all the goodies. There wasn't actually any tea involved, it was a punch party?! Hehe. We kept the swinging fists to a minimum.
In order to keep the extra hands idle, we brought some place setting color sheets. Notice the way they all dressed up for the occasion:) That was part of the plan.
Another odd twist to our tea/punch party was the decor. The only theme they came up with was Western. Therefore we had a Western Punch Party at which the girls came dolled for something fancy.
They had an absolute blast and it was precious to watch. My girls insisted that they do the serving of the food.
There was even a plentiful amount of help for clean up.
The littlest ones made their own fun by playing Duck, Duck, Goose in the foyer.
I am so truly blessed by the children and young people in my life.

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