Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunco Host.

I was the March Bunco host. It hit at a weird time, but we still had a grand time.
I also had lots to do, which was good while my mind was doing laps...and continues to do so.
My favorite part of hosting Bunco is coming up with the evening's menu. This time we had:
Steak Fajitas
Steamed Carrots
I must say, it was all very yummy.

The tables were all set and the food all ready.
I didn't get a picture with the food actually ON the table. Hehe.
I also didn't manage to take any pictures of the actual playing of Bunco.
But, prizes I did get:)
Alas, Lisa didn't win a prize. She did however get to open Clara's for her!
Bethany won my favorite prize. Hehe.
Everyone needs a pink flamingo, right?!


  1. So, so, so delicious! And I was so, so, SO glad that it was South Beach Diet-friendly! I love you! :-)

  2. I had fun (of what I could be there for). Can't wait to host next month! :D