Monday, March 01, 2010

Bunco Therapy.

Last Thursday was BUNCO!!! Check out how excited Clara was! Either that or she was excited to see me again after our last adventure;) Hehe.We were at Stacy's new house this time. It was so nice! Amelia got to be a sub which is always fun:)
My need for Bunco therapy was not quite as deep as it can be sometimes. It was so great to sit back, relax and just enjoy one another's company.
The girlies stayed around for most of the game. I let them "shake" for me a few times;) As Stacy's oldest said, "Kids are better at those things anyway." Haha, how cute!
The prizes were Easter/Spring themed and they were all adorable.
There may have been some wedding album viewing after we finished too;)
Ah, and the dogs had fun too.
Thanks for hosting, Stacy!!
P.S. Next month's it's my turn!

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  1. Haha, I love Bunco. That's some face I'm making, though.